Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise is not only beneficial for reducing pain but it can also promote overall health and wellness. Exercise can combat chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and osteoarthritis. Exercise can increase blood flow and circulation, which can improve range of motion and help alleviate and prevent back and joint pain. Regular physical activity can promote better sleep and reduce stress, as well as increase your mood and increase your energy level. Exercise can reduce body weight or your body fat percentage and take less stress off the joints, tendons, and ligaments. Physical activity can enhance work, recreation, and sport performance.

What you should know…

In many cases, Physical Rehabilitation providers work with other physicians such as neurologists and orthopedic surgeons to devise treatment plans that can help you now and prevent future injury throughout your lifetime. Physical Rehabilitation may be a good choice if:

  • you’ve had an accident or condition that has left you with pain or limited function
  • you’re considering surgery or are recovering from surgery
  • an illness or treatment for an illness has diminished your ability to move easily.
  • you’re recovering from a stroke or other nerve damage
  • excess weight makes it difficult to exercise, or if you think you’re too old to exercise
  • life changes such as childbirth or menopause have created challenges to your physical function

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